August 29th, 2006

August 31st, 2006


Tuesday was the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. It came and went without much attention. I think outwardly at least, it was a bigger deal throughout the rest of the country than it was here. Most people I talked to didn’t “do” anything (go to any of the ceremonies, or special concerts being held) they just went to work, and intentionally didn’t turn on the TV. (I think internally it was a different story, though, but I didn’t hear much talk about anything from anyone.) I didn’t watch any of the news, but I heard that it was over kill on the television–and that the news kept showing the same couple clips of people doing the same violent behaviors we all saw last year.

This week we have a team from Michigan with us, and one of the women told me how refreshing it was to be here and realize that the people aren’t all crazy and irrational–they’re people just like anywhere else. All she’s seen on the news are the looters and the few crazies with guns.

I did notice all of the construction going on in the city that day. I don’t think that it was any more activity than on any other day, but just that I noticed where the city was one year later. Roads being rebuilt, electricians out, drywallers, people putting in pipe lines, trees being planted. There are always lots of workers out and about everywhere you go, but I had just gotten used to seeing them.

In other news, a cold front came through today. It’s breezy and cool and probably in the 80’s for the first time since we’ve been down here. You can breathe when you’re outside–it’s so refreshing. I sat out and talked to Pam and Stacy for a good long while this morning–none of us wanted to go inside!

Last night was our final Wednesday night cookout–seeing as how we’re leaving early next Wed morning. We fed over 200 people! and ran out of food at seven o’clock! (It’s supposed to go until eight!) I got to say goodbye to Tyrone, and his daughters, and a few of the guys from the Gideon church. I sure am going to miss it.

But for now I’m going back outside… to enjoy the breeze. :)

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