Baskim & Sephilla

August 17th, 2006


The cookout last night was, as usual, a blast.  We had several ladies help in the kitchen all day so by the time we got to the cookout I wasn’t totally exhausted and was able to have a lot of fun.  Phil and Mike grilled pork chops and Pam made some sort of Cajun white roux peas & sausage medley which was amazing.  (Because what’s a meal in N’allins without the sausage?)

I saw a couple there last night who I’d met at the second barbecue, and they’ve been back ever since.  They are named (I’m not kidding) Baskim & Sephilla.  They had dated on and off all through college (she sat in the front row, he in the back, and he’d watch her all through class–awww!) but after college she joined the Peace Corps and traveled the world for seven years.  During that time, they lost touch.  When Katrina hit, she stayed in her house to care for her cats, but once the water rose to the ceiling, she put some cat food in the attic, and swam for the interstate.  Through eight or ten feet of water.  And it’s about a half a mile swim.  (That water had a current and a stench to remember, also, I’ve been told.)  She made it because she’s very athletic, and spent the next nine or ten months in Seattle.  During those seven years in the Peace Corps she tried desperately to find Baskim, but never could.  But… during that time in Seattle she finally located him, called him, and he dropped what he was doing in Idaho and drove to Washington to meet her.  As the story goes, as soon as they saw each other, they kissed and then he immediately said, “We’re getting married, right?” and she said, “Absolutely.”  And… three weeks later they got married on the summer solstice.

He’s a carpenter, so he didn’t want a wedding band that would get bent and damaged so their wedding rings are tattooed onto their fingers!  They’re little suns (because of the solstice) and great conversation starters.

It’s still crazy that I’m meeting people with stories like this.  In other news, Tyrone was sad to hear I’ll be leaving in a few weeks.  He said he’s going to buy me an authentic New Orleans souvenir before I go… but I don’t know what’s more authentic than the crawfish he bought me! :)

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