Last week, this week.

August 13th, 2006


So… last week is over. (amen!) The cookout on Wednesday was awesome, though. Because we had so many teams here, we sent them into the neighborhoods to hand out fliers and invite people. The good news is that many people they met had already heard about it, and some said they already had plans to come.

It rained all night (a steady rain, but no thunder, lightning, or flooding) so a lot of people took their food to go. And, for the first time, we ran out of food! All that was left were some rolls, and a little bit of bread pudding. (We fed 200 people.) So Pam and I will have much more cooking to do for this week, so that doesn’t happen again!

Today teams from two churches arrive, but they’re much smaller groups–a team of five, and one of seven. Both, ironically enough, were church plants started from Joshua House–our church in Columbus.

Yesterday was a very relaxing day spent in the quarter (though we had ourselves a few adventures which I think Mike wants to post about). They finished repairing the roof of the Superdome and the Saints will play in New Orleans again this year! There is a big sign on it which says “Reopening Sept 22nd.” I think it’s good to reclaim it as an icon for the city since a lot of people have bad (to say the least) memories there.

Anyways, we slept in yesterday and today and things are looking much rosier for tomorrow. :)

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