Wed Night… again.

July 25th, 2006


So… The Wednesday night cookout is tomorrow night and… I’m not sure my sneakers are even dry yet from last Wednesday! We tried throwing them in the dryer but the steel toes made it rattle so hard I thought it was going to break the machine!

I chopped pepperoni today–several pounds of it until my hand cramped. (We’re putting it into the baked ziti for the cookout tomorrow.) Last week we would’ve run out of food had we not had a that freak thunderstorm, so we’re making a whole lot more this week! (Hence, the hand cramp.)

Yesterday Mike and I were down in the Gentilly area putting up yard signs we had professionally made to advertise the event. (They look sweet.) We visited the lot where the cookouts are held and… it’s still soggy! In fact, one of the back streets still had flooding. It… is a bit unsettling to think that a week after a one hour rain storm the neighborhood is still wet. I wonder if the pumps are working yet. The locals tell me that the pumps can’t be tested until there is water in the neighborhoods. And, since they’ve been having a drought this year, all the pumps may not be tested yet. Strange things you have to worry about when you live below sea level. I’m concerned that the rain water alone from a hurricane in the Gulf might re-flood parts of the city. Hopefully not enough to break the levees… but maybe enough to mess up houses that have just been refinished. :(

In other news, a team from Minnesota is here right now (along with Austin, TX and Tuscaloosa, AL). I… try not to laugh when they talk because they’re accent is so… sing-songy that I feel like they’re speaking in limerick or something. Hil-arious.

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  • 1. the_bethy  |  July 26th, 2006 at 1:19 am

    So, what I wanted to talk to you about is nothing major. Um… my mom and I came across some little things for kids that I’m putting in your care package. Little 3″ frisbees and some bouncy balls and little sunglasses erasers. They were leftover from some band event and mom had them stored away. We figured that we would send them to you and you can either donate them to the church or hand them out to the kids at the cookout. We’ll leave that to your judgement. Thought they might be fun for the kids and maybe a game of frisbee will keep them there to hang out.

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