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Back to Columbus


We’re back in Columbus again.  We arrived yesterday.  The first thing we did (after unloading our car) was to go to Chipotle for some burritos!  I sure have missed Chipotle…

We spent last Wednesday night in Atlanta with my Aunt Joyce and Uncle Henry, then pushed forth to Virginia Beach to spend a few days with my parents, grandparents, sisters and my uncle’s family.  It’s an annual thing, and it was a nice way to get acclimated to the north again and to see my whole family all at once.  (Yes, Virginia feels very “north” right now.)

Mike and I ate dinner alone at our house tonight (the first dinner I’ve cooked in three months!) and since even Kathy wasn’t here our dinner felt so lonely!  I’m used to eating every meal with a team of thirty five and a bustle of activity!

Since we’ve only been back for two days, I still don’t have my mind around our time in New Orleans.  Leaving was difficult and teary.  My Uncle Henry made a comment over dinner about how New Orleans seems to be the one place in America that has really kept its culture.  He said other places used to be known for their various customs and foods, but that most of America has all blended together.  Except the Big Easy.  I think our misadventures there will attest to that!

With half of the population gone, and probably not returning, I wonder (sadly) if NOLA too will lose it’s distinctness as people from all over the country begin to move down there as the city is rebuilt.  Already the city is full of people from all over (like us!) who are working to save it.  I hope they save not just the structures, but the traditions and recipes and vernacular…

Well, I’m not sure if this will be my last post or not.  Does anyone know where I can buy crawfish in Columbus?  I’m “home”sick already.  😉

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