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3 Days, Count ’em, 3


So… We’re leaving Wednesday morning, but before the sun comes up. We have three full days to go. Because of this, we’ve been busy lately… and so I haven’t posted much. Some random musings:

  • Last weekend we visited my cousin, Kim, in Florida. She lives on a military base and went to the, I don’t know, “Military supply store” and bought us enough plates and cups and silverware to use at the cookout one week! I’m still floored by how much people want to be a part of what we’re doing.
  • The flame of Mordor Norco has been quite high as of late. We could even see it from the highway a few nights ago.
  • During our time down here, we’ve seen four or so nutria (including a baby), and probably six or eight gators (and we watched one do the “death roll”). My favorite animals here, though, are the white, S-necked egrets that hang out at all the canals.
  • In most places, you can recognize a person by their footsteps. However, at the church office here, everyone sounds the same: like flip flops.
  • We cooked an amazing grill-a-thon for the teams this week. Phil taught me how to saute garlic and make some stuffed portabello mushrooms that have changed my life. And… if you let me cook them for you, might change yours.
  • Yesterday we had to throw out some canned meat that had been donated after the storm and because it was stored outside and had gotten rusty and… well… rotten. I was standing on a ladder as we threw it all into the dumpster and… I have never come so close to vomiting from a smell before.
  • There was a team here from Michigan last week and all the guys kept trying to convince me that they have “Saber Toothed Frogs” up there to keep the mosquitos in check.
  • Everything in this city has a yellow brown line across it: highways, houses, the cars (before they were towed away). It’s the water line from the flood… still visible a year later. Every building also still has a spray painted FEMA code on it from when the houses were searched last year.
  • Mike has had several phone interviews from companies fixin’ to hire him. A few leads look quite promising… I think we’re both excited.

Sometimes I get sad when I think about how soon we’re leaving, but I’m trying to just get the most out of every day here… I know we’ll be back to N’allins, eventually. So that helps. :)

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