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Don’t mess with my tutu!


I can’t believe it’s taken me a week to post about this. Last Saturday, Lora and I spent the day in the french quarter. It was an incredible day. We walked around, and went to a bunch of neat art galleries. We saw an original Charles Schultz sketch, and an original Norman Rockwell sketch. Perfect for the den I wish to have someday. The were only a measley $1500 a piece.

In the meantime, let me tell you about the rest of our day. Whilst we were out and about, we rounded this corner and to our surprise, we encountered a mob sized crowd of men and women all dressed in gawdy red dresses. Note in the last sentence I said men and women.

We end up talking to one of guys, and apparently it was a running club that, once a year, dresses up in red dresses and runs from bar to bar all day long. Then at the end of the night, they all pitch in and have a kegger. You might be asking, are there photos?! Ohh, yes, there are photos.

As if that weren’t enough, we had plans for dinner with the mercy response staff at K Pauls. For those of you who don’t know- this is where the Blackening technique in cooking originated. And now I know why it became popular. In my opinion, all others *claim* the technique, but they are just posers. This was seriously the best restaurant I’ve ever been to. Everything was absolutely amazing. If you used a menu taped to a dart board as your method of selection, you would not go wrong.

As we were leaving, there was a Zydeco band out front playing on the street. I don’t really know how it happened, but minutes later I found myself alongside Lora and Stacey and Phil wearing a washboard playing in the band. A crowd even formed as we all laughed our butts off and looked nervously at each other, wondering if we were rubbing the spoons right. I (of course) was elected backup singer. The song we played was, you guessed it, “Don’t mess with my Tutu!”

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Mosquito Attract-o


All of the sudden, without warning, the mosquitoes took over the camp on Tuesday.  We woke up, and there they were–you could barely eat breakfast because you had to stop and swat every few seconds.  At first we couldn’t figure out where they were coming from, and then we remembered–Monday, one of the men here finally hooked up the Mosquito Delete-o.

The Mosquito Delete-o is a contraption hooked to a propane tank which is supposed to kill mosquitoes.  It’s been sitting around camp for months, and none of us have figured out how to get the darn thing working. Until Monday, when someone did.  We didn’t think much about it–you know, how it works or anything–until the mosquitoes took over the camp.  Pam realized that the Mosquito Delete-o calls the mosquitoes to it in order to kill them.  And… it was sitting right next to the shower trailer on the campsite!

On Thursday I reached my breaking point when one bit me on the face.  I had the guy who turned it on promptly turn it off.

The mosquitoes are much better now.  😉

3 comments August 19th, 2006


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