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Lack of zzz’s


This week we had the most people here since Mike and I arrived. They were a very outgoing and energetic group of… almost eighty people. Add to that lack of sleep, and also that I didn’t get a weekend last week, and also that every free moment was spent reading and studying for my Vineyard Leadership Institute midterms and you can get a picture of how bright and sunny this week has been for me. I took my test this morning, and haven’t spoken much besides a few grunts since then.

The last thirty people will leave tonight, so the staff will have both Saturday and Sunday off. So… if I haven’t posted or called as of late… that’s why.

It’s interesting to me how on these most crappy of weeks that God usually shows up in a significant way. Probably because I’m the most undone and willing to listen to whatever he has to say. Last night Phil had the Mercy Response staff listen to a CD called “I AM” that had music and a narrator reading 365 different names and attributes of God. It’s funny how a week of non-stop studying the deeper nuances of Systematic Theology and it’s a 30 minute CD that leaves me utterly undone and in tears. I suppose it’s because the facts of God and the person of God can seem so utterly distanced from one another at times and last night… I was just able to look into the face of God and see his kindness and strength and compassion and enormity and ferocity clearly once again…

Tonight I think we’re going out for coffee and music at a place called PJ’s. I think I need some brain numbing fun. 😉

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A Letter to Mercy Response


Hello Stacy,

Just a note to express my gratitude. As I think of the kindness from you, your organization and the many new friends I met, tears begin to flow from my eyes. I was so thankful for the prayers, words of comfort, hugs and the fellowship. Meeting people who were genuine and God fearing made the sadness easier to bear. Please give my thanks to all who had a part in helping put my life some what back in order. I really appreciate that you took so much time with me, not only to help me, but to fellowship also.



Some days, you think you’re at the end of your rope – then you get something like this.

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