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Mike and I saw our first wild gator this week! We’ve also seen four nutria on the side of the canals…

I apologize for the lack of posting as of late. The Wednesday night cookouts–though awesome–are so much work. This week in particular, Pam and I got a late start and we were rushing to finish cooking everything at the last minute. Usually we finish between 12 and 2 o’clock and have a few hours to take it easy before we leave. This week we were cooking until four o’clock, and we try to leave at four thirty!

This week we cooked:

60 lbs of peas!
40 lbs of chicken!
15 lbs of pasta!

The outdoor kitchen where we cook everything was 95 degrees–with the air conditioning running full blast! When we opened the window, it felt like cold air came rolling in–and it was in the nineties out there, too!

We finished last minute, but everything got done. And we were all set up and ready to go at the site by six o’clock, so all was well, but it sure was exhausting. I barely talked to people at the cookout–and that’s usually the highlight of my week.

Add to that having to tear down and clean up at the end of the night, then get up and make breakfast for the teams at six thirty AM and you have a long, tiring couple of days. I really hope that I can catch up on my rest soon because I feel really drained. And when I get tired, I get anti-social. And there are two teams here from our church in Columbus and I’ve barely talked to them all week! :(

Hopefully I’ll recover soon enough!

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