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So… we moved in with Pam. She lives west of Kenner in a town called Norco. We had never driven further west on I-10 than the Loyola Drive exit where the church is. Until… we moved in. Suddenly, as soon as you drive past the Loyola Drive exit, about a half a mile on the interstate, there’s a levey wall and then… nothing. Just absolute, wild bayou. Tall cypress trees and water everywhere. In fact, the highways look like water slides, sitting up on poles, coming out of the water. There is no land–the highway winds up and down through the swamp. It’s crazy.

The first night we were driving home to Pam’s, we saw a huge flame and pillar of smoke on the horizon. There’s an oil refinery on the road, right before you get to Pam’s neighborhood. We were like, “Uh… what’s on fire??!!” It was… a flame from a chimney stack at the refinery. A three or four story tall flame. It lit up the entire sky like it was daylight. In-sane. All I can compare it to is the Eye of Sauron in Mordor from Lord of the Rings. And I’m not even kidding.

Pam had a flier on her door from the refinery saying, “The flare ups are extra high tonight, but everything is under control.” I hope they’re right!

The next morning the flame was quite small, and was again the last two nights. I wish I’d taken a picture when I had the chance!

In other news, Crispin, the worship pastor here, went on vacation with his family for eight days and… we’re house sitting! He lives right across the street from our old apartment, so we’re back to a five minute commute. Well… for a week anyway.

It’s strange being a homeless wanderer, but, without getting too spiritual, God is… stretching me in this area. I like my own space that I can keep how I want. I like my own time alone to just be by myself and recharge. I like being in control of what I eat, so I can take care of my body how I want. I get… none of those things down here. And in that, God is stretching me and teaching me to find my rest in him, and not outside myself. I’m sure it will be a good lesson to learn… once it’s through. 😉

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