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Rain, Rain, Go Away


What a mess. Rain, everywhere. Ever since we’ve been here, we’ve barely had any rain. In fact, the locals tell us this time of year they usually get one rain shower every afternoon. But this year they’re having a drought. Well, yesterday it started raining hard right after church, and didn’t stop until the sun went down. Today it started raining around nine am, and just stopped a bit ago.

The bad news is that it’s supposed to rain like this for the next few days, and our 4th of July cookout is tomorrow at 11AM!! Pam (the Mercy Response cook) and I went shopping for all the food this morning at Sam’s. Then I spent several hours making ten pounds of pasta salad! (We actually cooked 20 lbs, but I had to freeze half of it!)

We have a big white tent/tarp outside the church and all of our grills, coolers and water sit underneath it. Well, it got too much water in it yesterday and it collapsed–bending one of the metal poles in half, piercing through the table underneath it, and breaking up some of the concrete sidewalk!! Now you can’t get into the church from the Mercy Response camp without some serious gymnastics. 😉 Maybe after we’re done with all of this July 4th stuff, we’ll have time to mess with it and figure out what to do.

In any event, I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow. If it does, we’re going to have to put all the food in individual “to go” boxes and pass it out door to door! I guess worse things have happened…

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